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Right Tech | Seagate Data Recovery
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Seagate Data Recovery

Right Techsol is a Seagate data recovery partner and can also assist with all technical and data loss situations. We can take up all your needs of Seagate Services in Data loss situations.

For more details on Seagate please visit Seagate data recovery process at Seagate Canada

In-Lab Recovery is right for you if:

  • Your storage device media is physically damaged
  • Your data is on a mobile device
  • Recovering your data is vital—you need expert

Of people who lost a smartphone or computer, 57% were more upset about losing the data than losing the gadget. An iPhone is expensive but memories are priceless.

For businesses, data loss is even more costly. A data or security breach will cost around US$5 million per incident. Having a contingency plan could not only save you money, it could save your business

25% of all PC users suffer data loss annually. Human error accounts for 29% of all data loss. 96% of all business workstations are not regularly backed up. Over the last 30 years, storage capacity has increased exponentially.

Smartphone Data Loss Annually0%
Business Data Loss Without Backup0%
Personal PC Data Loss Annually0%
Human Error Accounts0%