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Right Tech | Symantec
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Right Techsol has good experience in Data Loss prevention areas of Symantec and also can help your organization implement or procure any Symantec product.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Track and secure your confidential data and ensure its safety, wherever it lives: in the cloud, on-premises, or on mobile devices.

Monitor and Protect Sensitive Data On Mobile Devices, On-Premise, and In the Cloud

Keep data safe on Windows and Mac endpoints by performing local scanning and real-time monitoring.
Monitor confidential data that is being downloaded, copied or transmitted to or from laptops and desktops, including through email or cloud storage.
Extend data loss prevention monitoring and protection to iOS and Android devices, whether corporate-owned or user-owned.
Find and protect confidential unstructured data by scanning network file shares, databases, and other enterprise data repositories.
Monitor and protect data in motion, including sensitive data sent via email, web and a wide range of network protocols.